The Sierra Fund (TSF) is committed to the land and people of California’s Sierra Nevada headwaters.

We rely on the principles of stewardship, environmental justice, science, and advocacy to operationalize our mission to restore ecosystem and community resiliency in the Sierra Nevada.

TSF’s three core programs are carefully interwoven across disciplines to achieve lasting equitable change for the region we serve.

Tribal Partnership Program

The Sierra Fund’s Tribal Partnership Program advances collaborations to promote healthy indigenous futures and advance intergenerational guardianship of the Sierra Nevada.…

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Forest and Watershed Resilience Program

The Sierra Fund’s Forest and Watershed Resilience Program advances solutions that improve forest health, community wildfire protection, water quality, carbon storage, wildlife biodiversity, and recreation…

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Mining Program

The Sierra Fund’s Mining Program seeks to restore abandoned mine lands and watchdog mining to protect public health and ecosystems…

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