2 ways YOU can help support out winter storm sampling program

The Sierra Fund is launching our first crowdfunding campaign!  Click here to go to the campaign page to view a quick video about the project, fun photos of our sampling team, and how to share our story and help us build supporters for this great work.

The Sierra Fund’s science team is ready and willing to venture into this winter’s big rainstorms and collect data.

But first, we need YOU to give them the tools to take the quality measurements they want to capture.

We are working to raise $2,500 over the next two weeks to cover the costs of the water quality equipment that we need this year, and for years to come.

The focus of our program this year is to find solutions to problems associated with one of California’s largest and most iconic historic mines, now our beloved Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park.  This collaborative project is led by The Sierra Fund, with invaluable support from project partners State Parks, CSU Chico, local watershed groups, and our Working Group of technical advisors.

We have carefully shopped to create the wish list of equipment and budget.  We have picked pieces that will allow us to collect more information with fewer samples, saving money on lab costs and shipping over the long term.  And, they are quality pieces that are built to last for decades – which means that that they can be used again and again for many projects.  Here’s our wish list:

  • Turbidity meter
  • YSI multi meter probe (that can be used for DO, pH, conductivity, ORP, and temperature)
  • Range finder
  • Top setting wading rod

There are two ways you can help, and both take under a minute:

  1. Make a contribution towards our fundraising goal. $5 would be great.  $50 would be even better.  Your contribution will help us buy four pieces of equipment that will be used year after year to leverage change and clean up California’s watershed.   Click here to donate.
  2. Share our story far and wide: Every click means a lot in this age of social media.  Consider a quick post to your networks such as “The Sierra Fund is doing some great work – they are well worth supporting.  Check out their 2-week campaign here: https://rally.org/thesierrafund .” Click here to share.

Get the Mercury Out StickerAs a thank you for every donation received over $20, we will send you an attractive “Get the Mercury Out” sticker, and for donations of $50 or over you’ll receive a “Get the Mercury Out” poster and two stickers.  And, everyone who supports this work will receive updates on our sampling efforts this winter including fun pictures and anecdotes.

Any funding we raise through this campaign in excess of our fundraising goal will go towards off-setting out lab costs this year, a big boost that will allow us to process more samples and refine our results.

Thanks for your interest in The Sierra Fund’s first crowdfunding campaign!  Remember, this is only a two-week campaign so please take action before Thursday, December 5th to support this program. 

Click here to go to the campaign page which includes a video about the project, fun photos of our sampling team, and easy ways to share our story.