TSF’s 2017 Accomplishments

The Sierra Fund released a five-year strategic plan, A Platform for Action, at our Annual Winter Legislative Reception in February, and we’ve been working diligently to implement it’s framework and further our mission to restore ecosystem and community resiliency in the Sierra Nevada.

TSF launched three research projects in 2017 to increase our understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with restoring ecosystem resiliency to Sierra meadows, forests and fish. We promoted the environmental health of our communities by increasing access to information about safely consuming wild caught fish, through posting public health advisories and broadcasting a Spanish-language public service announcement.

Our advocacy efforts helped direct over $14 million to the Sierra Nevada region via California’s 2017/2018 budget, which allocated funding for two projects that aim to protect water quality and abate mercury contamination resulting from historic mining activities. Additionally, TSF continued to monitor and increase public involvement in the rule-making process for Senate Bill 637 to ensure that suction dredge mining does not harm California’s rivers and streams.

Two key activities in 2017 promoted collaboration and information sharing around mining and mercury issues in the Sierra: 1) TSF held our fourth biennial Reclaiming the Sierra conference, attended by over 200 stakeholders; and 2) TSF launched a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to facilitate a regional strategy to address mercury contamination in California’s headwaters.

Click here to view a full summary of TSF’s 2017 accomplishments and activities.

A huge thank you goes to our partners and donors who support and enhance the success of our work, including the James Irvine Foundation, the California Wellness Foundation, the Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation, Bella Vista Foundation, Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment, Campbell Foundation, Patagonia and Firedoll Foundation.

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