2012-2016 Organizational Report (2017)

The last five years have seen an explosion in the impact of The Sierra Fund. By any measure, our programs have grown into making a significant and visible contribution to protecting and restoring the natural resources and communities of the Sierra Nevada. This report, “Five Years for the Sierra,” outlines the key achievements during our last five years of work and thanks the donors who have made this work possible.

Click here to read our report, Five Years for the Sierra

A few of the highlights of our last five years include:

  • serving as a fiscal funnel to bring millions of dollars into the region for coordinated activities to restore resiliency to the headwaters of the state;
  • demonstrating new approaches to address century-old physical and chemical hazards at legacy hydraulic and hard-rock mine sites;
  • improving public understanding of exposure risk to mining toxics by increasing the amount and accessibility of information on contaminated fish and dust; and
  • advocating for policy reforms aimed at improving enforcement of mining law, requiring more rigorous due diligence in property acquisitions, and targeting new public resources to our region.

The Sierra Fund is looking forward to the next five years, and we are proud to share our Platform for Action, describing our strategic plan to restore ecosystem and community resiliency in the Sierra Nevada.

Click here to read our strategic plan, A Platform for Action