A Platform for Action: 2017 Strategic Plan

The Sierra Fund is excited to share our Platform for Action, describing our strategic plan to restore ecosystem and community resiliency in the Sierra Nevada. We invite you to read this outline of our vision, goals and planned activities for the coming five years, using science and advocacy to “save the Sierra.” We are interested in your ideas about our work and hope you will join us in helping to turn our vision into action.

Click here to read our strategic plan, A Platform for Action

After fifteen years of increasingly successful and measurable impact, our board, staff and advisors have taken time to reflect on our strengths and challenges and to think carefully about our next steps and priorities.

Our thinking is informed by the predicted changes in the Sierra Nevada region caused by the increasingly obvious impacts of global climate change, and based on what we’ve learned over the last ten years of assessing and addressing the impact of legacy mining on the Sierra. Looking at our region through the lens of these foundational considerations has led us to a better understanding of both the challenges and the wealth of opportunity we face.

We are developing programs that will generate multiple benefits for the region – from improved water quality and water storage systems, to new sources of metals and construction materials, to improved habitat for fish and wildlife, to environmentally healthier communities and forests.

The Sierra Fund is a leading voice in articulating the connections between the resiliency of the Sierra Nevada ecosystems and communities and the long-term sustainability of California’s natural resources. We know what is needed to address environmental challenges facing the region. Our task now is to improve our own capacity, and the region’s capacity, to attract and deploy the mechanisms needed to implement these solutions.