TSF’s 2018 Accomplishments

The Sierra Fund (TSF) made a huge impact in 2018. We worked diligently to restore ecosystem resiliency to Sierra forests, rivers, fish and meadows, including installing 4 beaver dam analogues and planting 7,000 willow at Clover Valley Ranch.

We improved community resiliency by hiring a bilingual organizer who can reach our Spanish-speaking community members, and we held an Environmental Health Summit to convene the public to learn how they are impacted by exposures unique to the Gold Country.

TSF built capacity in the Sierra by shepherding a multi-year acquisition project that culminated in a beautiful creek side property being transferred to the California Heritage: Indigenous Research Project (CHIRP) on behalf of the Nisenan Tribe.

Finally, we increased the visibility of Gold Rush impacts by presenting our work at 6 conferences and releasing a suite of new outreach materials including fact sheets to describe each of our projects and a stunning organizational brochure that outlines the strategic arc of our work.

Click here to view a full summary of TSF’s 2018 Accomplishments and Activities.

A huge thank you goes to our partners and donors who support and enhance the success of our work, including the Bella Vista Foundation, California Wellness Foundation, Campbell Foundation, Firedoll Foundation, Giles W. and Elise G. Mead Foundation, James Irvine Foundation, Resources Legacy Fund, Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment, Patagonia and True North Foundation.

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