$5 Million for Sierra Rivers

The Sierra Fund worked to secure an additional $5 million in funds available under Proposition 40's River Parkway Fund for critical key Sierra Nevada projects.

The Sierra Fund worked closely with key land trust allies, local jurisdications and the Resources Agency to target conservation of a number of threatened Sierran rivers.

In making recommendations for state funding, The Sierra Fund developed a portfolio of Priority River Parkway Projects.

Projects were included in The Sierra Fund’s Priority Portfolio because:

  • Project meets need identified by the The Sierra Fund’s Integrated Sierra Investment Strategies process to build capacity of Sierra region to promote high-profile projects that meet conservation and water quality needs of the State of California
  • Inclusion in TNC Portfolio Sites
  • Priority sites for Resources Law Group
  • Priority sites for Trust for Public Land
  • Imminent threat of development or parcelization
  • Adjacent to or within proposed or protected wilderness areas and wild and scenic rivers

Successfully funded projects include:

  • North Fork American River
  • Truckee River
  • Gray Creek
  • Independence Lake
  • South Fork American River
  • Kawaea River (Dry Creek)
  • Deer Creek (Nevada City)
  • South Yuba River

In all, The Sierra Fund has worked to secure funding for conservation projects on more than 12,200 acres of Sierra lands and 12.4 miles of Sierra rivers.