AB 84 for a Sierra Nevada Conservancy license plate, to be heard in Senate Appropriations, letters of support needed

Sacramento, CA —

AB 84, proposing a new program in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that would allow state agencies such as the new Sierra Nevada Conservancy to sponsor specialty license plates, will be heard in Senate Appropriations Committee as early as the second week of August. This bill, introduced in 2005 by Assemblymembers Tim Leslie and John Laird, passed with strong bi-partisan support in the Senate Transportation Committee last month.

Approval of new specialty license plates such as the ones already in existence for the Tahoe Conservancy and Coastal Conservancy was suspended in early 2004 by an order of the California State Supreme Court, until the Legislature created a more constitutionally correct and clear set of guidelines. This bill creates an appropriate remedy for this problem.

Please send a letter of support for this letter by August 7, 2006 to Senate Appropriations Committee Chair, Senator Kevin Murray (sample letter follows). Note that this Committee will not accept letters emailed or faxed in — you must use regular mail or hand deliver it.

Please send a copy of your letter of support to your Senator, using the same address (State Capitol, Sacramento CA 95814). Fax us a copy of your letter as well at: (530) 265-8176


Senator Murray
Chair, Senate Appropriations Committee
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814

Re: Support AB 84

Dear Senator Murray,

(Your organization) is writing to support AB 84 (Leslie/Laird) establishing a specialty license plate program that can be used to create license plates to provide funding for important state agencies such as the Sierra Nevada Conservancy. Other state Conservancies have relied upon the sale of license plates for funds, but recent court action has effectively closed this opportunity to the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, as well as all other state programs. This legislation re-opens that door.

As amended the bill:

1. Allows only state agencies to be eligible to apply for specialty license plates;

2. Prohibits state agencies from purchasing specialty license plates for exempt vehicles; and

3. Deletes the reference to public or nonprofit agencies assisting the state agency in promoting the plate.

This bill enjoyed bi-partisan support in the Assembly and the Senate Transportation Committee. Passage of this bill is important to our organization (feel free to add reasons why). Feel free to call if you have any questions about our position.


(Your name,position)
(Contact information)

cc: Senator Sam Aanestad, Vice Chair, Appropriations