The Sierra Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit tax-exempt organization that serves the Sierra Nevada region of California, which includes 25 million acres, a third of the state’s area, and all or part of 22 rural counties.

The Sierra Fund (TSF) is a place-based organization committed to the land and people of California’s Sierra Nevada headwaters. We rely on the principles of science, stewardship, environmental justice, and policy advocacy to operationalize our mission to restore ecosystem resiliency and build community capacity.

Key to our successful approach is our active engagement of a broadly diverse set of partners in our project design and implementation including local, state, federal and tribal governmental agencies, universities, businesses, environmental and community organizations, all working collaboratively to protect and restore the natural resources and communities of the Sierra Nevada.

We use replicable pilot projects to understand problems and to design solutions, an approach that has proven highly effective in allowing The Sierra Fund to leverage targeted activities to the benefit of the greater region. This approach allows us to cultivate interest in our work by organizations and governmental agencies around the Sierra, the state and the country with the aim of encouraging others to model and extend our successes.

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