Greg Thrush

Greg Thrush, Environmental Justice Community Organizer, spent summers as a child in the Sierra foothills staying with his grandparents. He remembers going with them on long four-wheel-drive adventures that ultimately ended at a river. Greg was reintroduced to the Sierra Nevada as a young man and fell in love with the mountains and rivers all over again. Grass Valley has been his home now for more than a decade.

In college Greg studied anthropology, became interested in social justice issues and got involved in building relationships with communities in Central America during the 80’s and 90’s. He was inspired by the folks he met and saw how much can be accomplished when people care about where they live, talk together to identify issues that affect them and propose solutions.

Greg’s work experience is varied and includes public health research, community outreach and education, legal work and agriculture. A common thread that ties his work together is an interest in human well-being, curiosity about how the world works and a desire to explore ideas that benefit people and their surroundings. 

In his free time, Greg likes to be outside doing something. It could be gardening, hiking, river swimming or car camping.  He also likes to hang out with people, cook and eat food.