Timothy Seward, Board Member


Tim Seward, Board Member, is a partner with the law firm of Hobbs, Straus, Dean & Walker, LLP, in the firm’s Sacramento, California office.  Hobbs Straus is a national law firm founded to represent and advance the interests of Indian and Alaska Native tribes and their people, with offices in: Washington, DC; Portland, OR; Oklahoma City, OK; Sacramento, CA and Anchorage, AL.

Prior to joining Hobbs Straus, Tim served as general counsel for the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California for seven years.  He also worked in Washington, D.C. for several years, where he advocated on behalf of Indian tribes on matters being considered by Congress, federal administrative agencies, and state governments.

Tim assists Indian tribes in their efforts to enhance, preserve, and protect their nationhood and to provide for the health, safety, and well-being of tribal citizens. He is devoted to developing strong tribal government institutions and economies, and has assisted Indian tribes and tribal organizations in areas related to tribal affairs, self-determination and tribal sovereignty, programs and services, Indian housing, economic development, and natural and cultural resources.

In his work, Tim has assisted tribal clients to protect their natural and cultural resources, including their ability to engage in traditional and customary practices, from threats such as those arising from abandoned mines located on state and federal property.  He has also worked with tribal clients to develop and implement tribal resource protection laws and policies.

Tim enjoys being out on the open land and water with his wife, Stephanie Hague, their two daughters, and their Newfoundland.