High Sierra peaks with remnants of snow

Strategic Approach

The Sierra Fund is a place-based organization. We are of the Sierra Nevada and for the Sierra Nevada, and the nature of this place informs how we have approached our mission.

We develop each of our programs and projects along a 5-phase trajectory that embodies our theory of change starting from the ground where we live up to the state policies needed to sustain the change.

  1. 360 Understanding: Gold Rush impacts on forests, meadows, rivers, and people
  2. Engage Problem Solvers: Interdisciplinary Working Groups
  3. Explore Solutions: Pilot Projects
  4. Know Better, Do Better: Best Practices and Policies
  5. Sustain the Change: Restored Resiliency: Healthy Lands and Healthy Communities

Our Foundational Principles:

The Sierra Fund’s signature programs to build resilient headwater ecosystems, environmentally healthy communities, and a region with strong capacity to face the future rely on the tools of science, stewardship, environmental justice, and policy advocacy.

Watch this Presentation on The Sierra Fund’s Strategic Approach to learn more: