Working Group

The Sierra Fund coordinates a Working Group of over 60 technical advisors who provide expertise around our work.  The Working Group consists of two different components:

  1. A group of Community Advisors which includes doctors, tribal representatives, environmental scientists and local leaders, who are experts on pertinent aspects and contribute to our work through document review, technical advice on specific projects, and for strategic visioning for our programs.
  2. A group of Agency Advisors who work with The Sierra Fund to ensure that their agencies’ roles, responsibilities and actions are appropriately characterized.

The Sierra Fund’s Working Group was created in 2006 to provide expert technical support and direction to our work.  Our advisors include senior staff at every regulatory or landowning agency affected by legacy mines, as well as concerned community members, tribes, environmental activists, and academics.  Many are leaders in their field.

Click here for the most recent list of our Working Group members, which is updated regularly.

The majority of the advisors on our Working Group have served our project since its inception in 2006, which illustrates the pragmatic and science-based approach and cultural sensitivity we have maintained in our work.

We are proud of the caliber of individuals we have attracted to our program, and grateful for their invaluable investment in our work through hundreds of hours of in-kind assistance over the years.