Auburn selected as the interim location for the headquarters of the new Sierra Nevada Conservancy

Sacramento, CA –

The Sierra Nevada Conservancy Board of Directors today chose Auburn, CA as the interim location for their new headquarters. This decision was announced at the Sierra Nevada Conservancy Board of Directors meeting held in Sacramento today, February 23, 2006.

In making the selection, the Board first reviewed the process that had been used for the selection of their headquarters. At the December 2, 2006 meeting of the Board, a process was approved for the selection of a Headquarters Office for the Conservancy. A set of specific criteria was approved and Board members Arcularius and Dahle were appointed to a subcommittee to work with the Executive Officer and the Department of General Services (DGS) in developing a recommendation to the full board.

A total of 29 sites were identified for possible interim or permanent office locations, including proposals from 9 different communities. Six communities were identified for further investigation and site visits by members of the subcommittee, Conservancy staff and DGS. On January 30 and 31 the following locations were visited: Truckee, Colfax, Nevada City, Auburn, El Dorado Hills and Martell.

Speaking to the Board of the Conservancy, Executive Office Jim Branham explained that access and infrastructure were the primary considerations. “Auburn is the recommendation for the interim office location, then we will continue to explore long term options in and around Auburn, within approximately 30 minutes driving time.”

The First headquarters of the Conservancy is considered an interim location to house the Conservancy, while a new “green” building is constructed to meet the specific needs of the Conservancy. For more information about this decision, visit the Sierra Nevada Conservancy website: