CA Budget and the Sierra Nevada

SACRAMENTO, 11 August 2009 – The Governor’s budget, signed months late on July 28, had some good news in it for the Sierra. The final budget invests $20.2 million in the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, including $4.23 million for staff and program, including 24.2 staff positions, and another $15.9 million for grant programs. The Conservancy’s total allocation of $21.7 million is a slight decrease from the 2008/09 budget approved late last year. 

The Conservancy’s administration and program work receives no general fund dollars.  All of its staff and program funding is generated from the Environmental License Plate Fund administered by the California Resources Agency.  All grant funds are from the “Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Fund of 2006” (Proposition 84) funds. 

“The Sierra Fund worked hard throughout the year to ensure that the state legislature knew about the value of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy,” notes Elizabeth “Izzy” Martin, CEO of The Sierra Fund.  “Every dollar spent in the Sierra improves the water quality, air quality, and overall environment of the state of California.”  Sierra Day in the Capitol, sponsored by The Sierra Fund, Sierra Nevada Alliance and Sierra Nevada Conservancy and cosponsored by the CA Association of Resource Conservation Districts, the CA Cattlemen’s Association and Mountain Counties Water Agency, featured information about the Conservancy programs and outstanding needs of the Sierra.

The Sierra Nevada Conservancy’s mission is to initiate, encourage, and support efforts that improve the environmental, economic and social well-being of the Sierra Nevada Region, its communities and the citizens of California. The Conservancy achieves its mission through the awarding of grants and loans, development of projects and programs, providing technical assistance and assisting in collaborative efforts with a broad array of governmental and non governmental partners.