CABY IRWM interactive map now online!

We’re excited to announce that a new interactive watershed map is live for the Cosumnes, American, Bear, Yuba (CABY) region. Click on the link to view the Watershed Data Management Application (DMS), created as an information clearinghouse to support CABY stakeholders in integrating regional water projects.

Click on the map to view the interactive Project Data Management Application

The Sierra Fund (TSF) coordinated the development of this interactive resource, which serves as a platform for publishing spatial and tabular data to promote collaboration and information sharing between IRWM areas, IRWM stakeholders, State Agencies and the public. The tool can be used to gain a visual understanding of the region’s natural and community resources, and to access environmental assessment data. For more information on how to use the tool, view or download the Operations Manual.

This project was primarily funded through the CABY IRWM 2011 and 2013 Implementation Grants, as the CABY IRWM Plan calls for a robust data management system.

Technical expertise for the application was provided by the Sierra Water Workgroup (SWWG), who has created GIS-based project data management tools with and for multiple Sierra Nevada IRWM regions and their stakeholders. SWWG has future plans to produce a comprehensive application that will integrate all Sierra Nevada IRWM groups.

Since 2013, The Sierra Fund has provided fiscal management for CABY IRWM implementation grants that fund a variety of water quality and infrastructure improvement projects throughout the CABY region. TSF has served as fiscal sponsor for nine implementation projects funded by two grants from the CA Department of Water Resources (DWR), including a suite of projects to address sediment and mercury in the Bear and Yuba watersheds.