Check out our new logo – our same iconic pinecone gets a fresh look.

The Sierra Fund has a fresh look – check out our hot-of-the-press new logo!

We are so excited to share this with you. Building upon our past logo, our well-loved and iconic pinecone remains the heart of our image with a refreshed modern, and digital-friendly look and feel.

Why does the pinecone remain our symbol?

Pinecones are a central part of many Sierra Nevada ecosystems. Our mixed conifer forests comprise over 48% of the forest in California, are the headwaters of 60% of California’s developed water supply and support our immense biodiversity – including 60% of the state’s vertebrate species and 50% of its plant diversity. The small seeds buried deep within the pinecone’s bracts become the trees that create wildlife habitat, store carbon, stabilize soils to reduce stormwater runoff, and produce clean, healthy air for us to breathe. 

And they represent new growth, hope, and resiliency – just like The Sierra Fund!

While our logo is new, our mission and vision remain the same:

We remain rooted in our mission to protect and restore the resiliency of the ecosystems and communities of the Sierra Nevada in the face of the uncertainties brought on by climate change.

We envision a Sierra that is a healthy place to live, work, visit and raise a family; with clean air, water, and soil; with all who benefit from our region being empowered to protect and restore our communities and natural resources for multiple generations.

To advance our mission – we are launching three newly articulated program areas, as defined in our new 5-year strategic plan we adopted this year. Just like the mighty pine tree extends its branches, it is TSF’s time to launch new programs. Our three program areas are:

  • Through our Forest and Watershed Resiliency Program – we are increasing forest health and watershed resiliency to protect human health and our environment by ensuring local, state, and federal-led forest health work achieves multiple benefits in the face of historic landscape degradation and climate change.
  • Through our Tribal Partnerships Program, we seek collaborations to promote healthy indigenous futures and advance tribes’ various visions of intergenerational indigenous guardianship of the Sierra.
  • Our Mining Program protects public health and restores ecosystems by expanding on our legacy mine remediation work and addressing mercury pollution.

Let us know if you have any questions about our work and direction! We could not have made the last 22 years of impact without supporters like you.