TSF provides tour for delegation of regulators from China’s Sichuan province

Last week, The Sierra Fund took a group of 22 delegates from the Sichuan Province in China on a tour of historic mining features in the Nevada City area.  These provincial staff from Sichuan’s equivalent of the Department of the Environment were on a tour of the U.S. to learn about mining policy and regulations.

Chinese regulators take photos of the state-issued fish consumption posted at the Hirshman’s Pond trailhead – a sign that was placed by volunteers as part of our Post-It Day 2015!

TSF staff, with the assistance of the group’s interpreter, took them to Hirshman’s Pond, through downtown Nevada City, and on a section of the Deer Creek Tribute Trail, including the Chinese monument on Commercial Street.  Hirshman’s Pond was the only actual mine site they visited during their three week trip across the US.

Click here for some great photos of this tour.