Clover Valley Field Camp a Success

TSF led an incredibly productive Field Camp at our Clover Valley Ranch project site this summer. This marks the third year of field camp at the iconic meadow in the Feather River watershed of Plumas County.

Clover Valley Field Camp is part of a multidisciplinary effort to restore a degraded Sierra Nevada meadow and to quantify the effectiveness of different meadow restoration techniques through monitoring. Activities that took place in June 2019 included construction of 10 beaver dam analogs (BDAs), collection of soil core samples, stream channel geomorphology surveys, equipment testing for above and below ground carbon flux monitoring, fish snorkel surveys, and a continuation of monitoring across metrics including water quality, vegetation, and avian response.

This year’s camp brought together experts and stakeholders from organizations including Plumas Corporation, Maidu Summit Consortium, UC Davis, San Francisco State University, the University of Nevada, RenoCalifornia State University, ChicoSymbiotic Restoration Group, and Swift Water Design.