Current funding opportunities on SNC website

From the Sierra Nevada Conservancy

February 5, 2009 — The Sierra Nevada Conservancy has started compiling information on funding opportunities, workshops, and resources that are applicable to the Sierra, and we are now sharing it on the SNC Web site. You can view it on the SNC’s new Current Funding Opportunities  page. This information is provided solely as a service to Sierra stakeholders; SNC is not affiliated with nor do they endorse any specific funding sources. 

The Conservancy would like to know if you find the information useful, and would especially like to know if you use it to apply for a grant. Please submit information to about your experience with any of the named sources, and/or about any upcoming funding opportunities that should be included in the list. Criteria for listing opportunities are that they apply to all or part of the SNC service area, and that they address the SNC’s mission and/or at least one program area