Department of Water Resources seeks proposals for $10 million in grants to study, restore, and protect watersheds

Sacramento, February 13, 2007 —

The Department of Water Resources, Division of Planning and Local Assistance, has released its 2007 Proposal Solicitation Package seeking projects to share $10 million in CALFED grants. Proposal are due Friday March 16, 2007.

The money comes from the sale of $3.4 billion in bonds approved by voters as Proposition 50 in November 2002. The projects can range from evaluating the condition of watersheds to implementation of local watershed projects.

A watershed is a region draining into a creek, river, river system or other body of water. In California, there are about 1,500 watersheds. Some are as big as the Sacramento River watershed that drains much of Northern California. Others are as small as the Laguna Creek watershed, which drains several miles in Sacramento County.

More information about the Proposal Solicitation Package is on-line at: .