Find Us At These Upcoming Conferences

TSF has been busy attending conferences this season, and we look forward to two more that are right around the corner.

On September 27-29, 2018, Environmental Scientist Nick Graham will represent The Sierra Fund (TSF) at the Western Mining Action Network (WMAN) 2018 biennial conference, “Uniting for Healthier Lands, Waters and Future Generations,” in Kamloops BC, Canada. Nick will present in the workshop titled “Placer Mining and Artisanal Mining Impacts” and will share TSF’s research and pilot projects to assess the impacts of the California Gold Rush on the Sierra Nevada region. Nick will cover what TSF has done to address regional sources of mercury, including abandoned mines and downstream reservoirs, and to combat the public health threat of consuming mercury-contaminated fish. For additional conference information, and to register, click here.

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On October 11, 2018, Program Manager Alex Keeble-Toll and Outreach Coordinator Kelsey Westfall will co-present at the 2018 Annual California Lake Management Society (CALMS) Conference in North Lake Tahoe. Alex and Kelsey will highlight TSF’s annual event to post state-issued fish consumption advisories at regional water bodies as a strategy to reduce human exposure to mercury. They will make the case for why consistent, statewide posting of fish consumption advisories should take place for effective risk communication, and how California reservoir owners and operators can implement an advisory posting project at low cost and with significant public benefit. Click here to check out the conference agenda and register.

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