Support TSF’s Fish Tissue Sampling Program

What's-in-that-fish-picture_300sq_4webThe Sierra Fund is launching our second annual crowdfunding campaign!  

Click here to go to the campaign page to view a quick video about the project, fun photos of our sampling team, and how to share our story and help us build supporters for this great work.

The Sierra Fund’s science team is venturing into the world of fishing in the name of public health.  But in order to expand our impact by analyzing more fish tissue samples, we need YOU to help.

We are working to raise $7,500 over the next month to cover the costs of having the fish tissue analyzed at an EPA-certified lab in order to be used as official public health information.

The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) issues fish consumption advisories for individual fish species at California water bodies. However, OEHHA has limited funding and gathering data on mercury levels in fish is expensive. An advisory is only issued if there is sufficient fish tissue data. Therefore, many popular fishing locations do not have advisories and anglers falsely assume that the fish are safe to eat.

The Sierra Fund is taking the initiative to work with OEHHA to fill these critical data gaps at local water bodies. We will begin fishing this fall at Rollins Reservoir and with your help continue our efforts at other water bodies. Our goal is to raise enough money to catch and analyze 250 more fish for mercury.

There are two ways you can help, and both take under a minute:

  1. Make a contribution towards our fundraising goal. $5 would be great.  $50 would be even better.   Click here to donate.
  2. Share our story far and wide: Every click means a lot in this age of social media.  Consider a quick post to your networks such as “The Sierra Fund is doing some great work – they are well worth supporting.  Check out their one month campaign here: .”