Fuel Load Reduction and New Well for the CHIRP Property

Great News! The Sierra Fund and the California Heritage: Indigenous Research Project (CHIRP, the nonprofit of the Nevada City Rancheria Nisenan Tribe) are excited to share that permitting has been finalized and work has started on the ground on CHIRP’s 32-acre property along Deer Creek. The Nevada City Rancheria Tribal Council wants to acknowledge the hard work and patience everyone has contributed to this project.

Two components of the project we were thrilled to start include fuel reduction and the installation of a well. We waited until August for nesting birds to fledge before beginning fuel reduction efforts. Fuel reduction activities will improve fire-safety for CHIRP members and the neighborhood. A great element of the fuel reduction work is that CHIRP contracted with forestry crews from Mooretown Rancheria of Concow-Maidu Indians (see photos of the epic work-day below). The well being drilled will support CHIRP’s interest in establishing native plants and maintaining the property.

Photo: Field Crew on August 14 doing fuel clearing on the property.

The project, when completed, will also provide a stretch of trail for public recreation and improve the property to support other Tribal-led land management and cultural activities. CHIRP is designing two interpretive signs this summer for the trail with Sheri Brown Dion.

The Sierra Fund’s new Project Coordinator, Syd Godfrey is managing the on-the-groundwork for this project. Joining the TSF team in May, Syd jumped right into working with the community, partner organizations, and subcontractors to facilitate successful project implementation. He brings a wide range of experience from previous positions in land stewardship, wildland fire suppression, and post fire vegetation recovery research. If you see Syd out on the trail, please say hello!

The Sierra Fund’s new Project Coordinator, Syd Godfrey.