Heavy Equipment on Site at Mt. Whitney

Mt. Whitney, CA —earthmover_1.jpg

Earthmoving equipment showed up along Whitney Portal Road on Saturday July 15, 2006 – poised to carve up the landscape for the so-called 'Whitney Portal Preserve' project despite consistent local opposition. (See pictures, attached.)

According to Jennifer Fenton of SRVA, which has put forward a legal challenge to the development as proposed, “They might plough deeper dirt roads in the desert, but we are doubly committed to protect the land from subdivision and build-out. We continue to work with land trusts and local agencies to seek a win-win resolution.”
And their legal challenge keeps moving forward, thanks in large part to a steadily successful fundraising campaign. You helped us raise over $4,000 in the last week — a great achievement for a grassroots effort. But SRVA needs to take another leap forward to file its appeal and push the earthmovers back down Whitney Portal Road.
Save Round Valley Association (SRVA) is calling this effort “Footprints and Photographs,” in keeping with the ideal that the proposed site remain disturbed only by footprints. Your tax-deductible donation of $35, $65, or $125 will be recognized with a matted, signed 4×6/5×7/8×10 photo of the site taken by one of SRVA's members. Donors of $500 or more will receive a larger framed print.
If you have not yet contributed, take just a few minutes to make a contribution with your credit card through our secure site by visiting: www.sierrafund.org, clicking donor center, then donate online.
To read more about this legal appeal against a plan to build 27 luxury condominiums on the slopes of the mountain, visit SRVA’s website www.savethemountain.org. whitney_earthmover.jpg