TSF Advisor Named to State Mining Board

NEVADA CITY, CA  March 18, 2009 — Last week Governor Schwarzenegger appointed John Lane to the California State Mining and Geology Board, part of the State’s Department of Conservation, for the seat of Environmental Protection. John Lane has served as an advisor to The Sierra Fund’s Sierra Nevada Mining Toxins Initiative, helping to ensure scientific accuracy in the mining and geology issues raised by the Initiative.

“The Sierra Fund applauds the Governor for appointing John Lane,” stated Elizabeth “Izzy” Martin, CEO of The Sierra Fund. “We encouraged John to apply and supported his application for this position because he understands the complexities of the science in any situation, as well as the practical issues surrounding mining and environmental cleanup. The people of California will be well served by this appointment.”

A Professional Geologist in an environmental consulting firm, John has demonstrated expertise in geology, mining, hydrogeology and environment. John currently serves as an Adjunct Professor in the Geological and Environmental Sciences Department at CSU, Chico and has served as a Butte County Water Commissioner (2005 – current), South Yuba River Citizens League Science Advisory Committee member (2006 – current), and many other advisory positions. John has participated in dozens of important studies and projects, including conducting an assessment of the mean high water mark for a section of the South Fork Yuba River, CA; and writing the Opportunities and Constraints Analysis for Water Quality and Water Rights for The Karuk Tribe of California in the Klamath River Basin, CA.

John has been responsible for conducting over 100 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Phase I Ecological Site Assessments. He has directed multiple Phase II environmental sampling and Phase III environmental site remediation projects. He has also designed and implemented numerous regulatory-approved work plans for determining the extent of soil and groundwater contamination at many challenging sites.

He has travelled around the world conducting numerous pieces of original research, including cave explorations and mapping wetlands. For example, he was funded by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. to lead an expedition to the rainforest of Papua New Guinea. He has conducted geologic and geomorphologic studies and produced a video for the National Geographic television network. He has travelled extensively throughout the US and Mexico as well as to Malaysia, Belize, Thailand, Australia, Peru, Japan, West Indies, Costa Rica, and a dozen other countries.

“I am proud to be appointed to this important position,” John noted when he received word of his appointment, which still requires Senate confirmation. “I look forward to working with other members of the Board to protect and promote the environment, health and economy of California.” John lives with his wife and two children in Chico, California.

Background on the State Mining and Geology Board:  The Board membership consists of nine individuals appointed by the Governor, and confirmed by the Senate. Each member serves for four years in staggered terms, and each must have a demonstrated specialty in either geology, seismology, mining engineering, hydrogeology, the environment, mineral resources, landscape architecture, or government. The Board represents the State’s interest in the development, utilization and conservation of mineral resources; reclamation of mined lands; development of geologic and seismic hazard information; and to provide a forum for public redress.