Sierra Hero John Laird Appointed to Lead CA Resources Agency

SACRAMENTO, 5 January 2011 — Newly elected Governor Jerry Brown has appointed John Laird as Secretary of the California Resources Agency.  John Laird, a former Democratic Assemblymember from the Central Coast, co-authored with former Assemblymember Republican Tim Leslie the legislation that created the Sierra Nevada Conservancy.  Their bi-partisan campaign to pass this legislation was hailed as one of their most important accomplishments as well as a signature accomplishment of former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who signed the Conservancy into law in 2004.  The Sierra Fund was one of two official sponsors of this legislation.


“Mr. Laird is a creative and effective leader, able to get important things done because he won’t give up until the problem at hand has been resolved.  He’ll work with all interested parties to create a win-win solution,” notes Elizabeth “Izzy” Martin, CEO of The Sierra Fund. “We support this appointment, even though it means that Mr. Laird has to immediately resign from his current position on our Board of Directors.”  The Sierra Fund worked closely with Mr. Laird to support passage of the Conservancy legislation and to develop sustainable funding for the Sierra Nevada Conservancy grant making programs.  Laird has served on the Board of The Sierra Fund since 2009.

Mr. Laird’s nomination has already received notable support from environmental leaders around the state. His appointment still needs to be confirmed by the California State Senate.

The Sierra Fund is a community foundation with a mission to increase public and private investment in restoration and protection of the natural resources and communities of the Sierra Nevada.

For information call:   Elizabeth “Izzy” Martin, CEO, The Sierra Fund (530) 265-8454 x11