Reasons to join us for Sierra Day in the Capitol, Tuesday, May 6

Reasons to join The Sierra Fund and Sierra Nevada Alliance for Sierra Day in the California Capitol on Tuesday May 6th!

Adapted from Sierra Nevada Alliance press release

It turns out that many, many California legislators and their staff do not know where the Sierra is. (No kidding – many have no idea where the region boundaries are and what all is in the ‘Sierra’.) Many don’t understand that there are conservation problems in the Sierra. Many don’t understand that the Sierra provides California and their legislative district with water, amazing vacation/recreation opportunities and much, much more. Many don’t realize that there is a Sierra Nevada Conservancy – and that this agency is worth state investment to restore and protect the Sierra.

Consequently, it has been very, very helpful every year for folks to take a day to educate legislators about the Sierra, its relationship to the larger state, and the Sierra Nevada Conservancy. Thanks to previous lobby days we helped get the Sierra Nevada Conservancy established, we got $17.5 million dollars allocated to the Sierra, and we got support for conservation projects up and down the region. These days make a difference – but we need lots of folks to participate.

What do you do at Lobby Day?
First, everyone who attends gets the latest information about what is happening in California relevant to Sierra conservation. Everyone gets training in how to be a citizen lobbyist. Then we break up into teams – with experienced citizen lobbyists and folks who have never done this before combined. Teams figure out who will say what, record requests and hand over materials. Then teams attend pre-scheduled meetings with legislators and/or their staff. In the meetings with legislative offices, teams share where the Sierra is, how the Sierra benefits all of California, and why the Sierra needs their support. Then all the teams get back together over snacks and no-host cocktails at the end of the day and report on how their meetings went – and what legislative offices need to support the Sierra. It’s fun – in addition to making a big difference!

Who Attends Sierra Lobby Day?
Activists, elected officials, land trust leaders, recreation industry leaders, artists, business leaders, Sierra community members, and people in urban areas who love the Sierra. Basically – anyone who wants the state of California to invest and support conservation efforts in the Sierra region is welcome and invited to attend.

Three Steps to Take NOW to Prepare for Sierra Lobby Day

Step One: Mark the Date in your Calendar

Step Two: Co-sponsor! Contact Joan at the Alliance ( – 530-542-4546) or Izzy at The Sierra Fund (530-265-8454 x 11 if your group would like to co-sponsor! Co-Sponsorship includes putting your group/entity name on the agenda and key lobby packet materials, sending at least 2 representatives to the lobby day, and chipping in $100 or more to help pay for lobby day food and materials.

Step Three: Sign up now! Participating is free. Sign up now and we’ll keep you posted on all the logistics and juicy details of our plans!

Joan Clayburgh, Executive Director, Elizabeth “Izzy” Martin, CEO
Sierra Nevada Alliance The Sierra Fund
530-542-4546 530-265-8454×11