TSF releases Primer for Local Government Officials in the Gold Country

The Sierra Fund has released a new document that summarizes the key issues confronting local government officials with legacy mining in their jurisdiction.  This is part of a toolbox we are building to help Sierra Nevada community members and leaders learn about and address the issue of legacy mining toxins. 

Protecting Public and Environmental Health from Legacy Mining Toxins, A Primer for Local Government Officials in the Sierra Nevada provides background on the modern-day effects of historic mining in this region, and why local leaders and officials need to be aware of these impacts. 

The document addresses the impacts on:

  • Cities and counties, including planning, environmental health and public health departments, parks and recreation, and sanitation and water quality districts;
  • Tribal Governments;
  • First Responders; and
  • Special Districts, including water agencies, irrigation districts and school districts. 

To download a copy of this booklet, or other publications in TSF’s toolbox, check out the Mining Initiative Resources page.  For printed copies, contact The Sierra Fund