Sierra Nevada Conservancy License Plate effort suspended

The Sierra Nevada License Plate Campaign Coordinating Committee has formally suspended the effort to establish a new Sierra Nevada License Plate (SNLP).  This action occurred after the Sierra Nevada Conservancy Board of Directors voted unanimously to recommend that the Campaign be ended at their March 3, 2010 meeting in Anderson, CA.

The decision to suspend the SNLP campaign is based on the very slow rate of plate sales.  The first several months saw under 1,000 plates sold  – nowhere near the 7,500 needed to establish the plate with DMV.  The leadership of the Coordinating Committee, and the Conservancy, may consider another attempt to establish a plate sometime in the future when the economy is more stable and discretionary funds are more available. 

The SNLP Committee has issued refund payments to everyone who ordered a plate, with the exception of some people who asked that the funds instead be redirected
to further the efforts of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy or The Sierra Fund.  Please contact Emily Rivenes at The Sierra Fund if you have any further questions about the decision to suspend the campaign.  Emily can be reached at (530) 265-8454 x12 or emily.rivenes @