Monohan Lab Group

Hydrologic Surveying in Meadows

Welcome to the Monohan Lab Group (MLG), a resource for prospective graduate students, current and former students of Carrie Monohan, Ph.D., Program Director at The Sierra Fund (TSF) and Adjunct Professor at California State University, Chico’s Geological and Environmental Sciences Department.

This page highlights research conducted by current students and alumni to enhance ecosystem and community resiliency in the Sierra Nevada, and provides a key opportunity for members to contribute to and benefit from continued collaboration with TSF and our partners.

We look forward to co-creating this resource with the researchers formerly or currently working to enhance scientific understanding of unique Sierra issues.

Prospective students should contact Carrie Monohan, Ph.D., at for more information.

Current Graduate Students

Matt BerryMatt Berry, Current Graduate Student, CSU Chico
Berry, M., C. Monohan D. Weixelman, and A. Bykerk-Kuaffman. Water table height and vegetation composition of wetland obligate species in response to restoration in a montane meadow, Northern California. Anticipated completion Spring 2021. more here
Jaclyn LewisJaclyn Lewis, Current Graduate Student, CSU Chico
Lewis, J., C. Monohan, B. Sullivan, and A. Bykerk-Kuaffman. Soil Condition Response to Meadow Restoration in Red Clover Valley, Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA, USA.. Anticipated completion Fall 2020. more here

Former Graduate Students

Matt BerryMadison Brandt, Current Graduate Student, CSU Chico
Brandt, M., Monohan, C., Brown, D., and Webster, J. Biochar as a soil amendment: reducing mercury transport from hydraulic mine debris. Spring 2020. more here
Travis MooreTravis Moore, M.S. - Environmental Science, CSU Chico (2019)
Moore, T., S. Matiasek, and C. Monohan. Shallow Subsurface Groundwater Flow Paths and Water Quality in the Malakoff Diggins Hydraulic Pit. Spring 2019. more here
Brandon ErtisBrandon Ertis, M.S. – Environmental Science, CSU Chico (2018)
Ertis, B., D. Brown, C. Monohan, A. James. Using LiDAR, Arc GIS, and on-the-ground data collection to describe geomorphometric characteristics of hydraulic mining features in the Yuba River watershed. California State University, Chico. Spring 2018. more here
David MeyerDavid Meyer, M.S. – Environmental Science, CSU Chico (2017)
D. Meyer, C. Monohan, J. Green, R. Von Weddle, Feedstock and Microbial Community Analysis for a Mesophilic Co-fermentation Anaerobic Digestion Facility. California State University, Chico. Spring 2017. more here
David MeyerNick Graham, M.S. – Environmental Science, CSU Chico (2017)
Graham, N., Monohan, C., Matiasek, S., and Brown, D. Metal-Based Coagulant Effect on Sediment Slurry for Lake Combie Reservoir Sediment and Mercury Removal Project. California State University, Chico. Summer 2017. more here
Alexandria Keeble-TollAlexandria Keeble-Toll, M.S. – Environmental Science, CSU Chico (2016)
Keeble-Toll, A. C. Monohan, D. Brown, and G. Pearson. Mercury in Fish of the American and Bear River Watershed Reservoirs: Tissue Analysis and Strategies for Minimizing Exposure at Lake Clementine and Rollins Reservoir, California. California State University, Chico. Summer 2016. more here
Harihar NepalHarihar Nepal, M.S. – Environmental Science, CSU Chico (2014)
Nepal H., C. Monohan, J. Fleck and D. Brown. Sediment and Mercury Loads and Sources at Humbug Creek from Malakoff Diggins. California State University, Chico. Summer 2013. more here
David DemareeDavid Demaree, M.S. – Environmental Science, CSU Chico (2013)
DeMaree, D., C. Monohan, S. Riggins, and D. Brown. Subsurface Waters at Malakoff Diggins Pit, Northbloom Field Tunnel and Hiller Tunnel. California State University, Chico. Summer 2013. more here

Former Undergraduate Students

George M. ValenteGeorge M. Valente, B.S. – Hydrology, CSU Chico (2016)
At CSU Chico, George worked under Dr. Monohan of The Sierra Fund to evaluate methylmercury concentrations in trout in the Yuba and Bear River watersheds. Following graduation, George interned with The Sierra Fund to collect fish tissue samples to test for mercury with the goal of filling data gaps so that site specific fish consumption more here
Carli SperisenCarli Sperisen, B.S. – Environmental Science, CSU Chico (2015)
Carli earned her B.S in Environmental Science with a focus of Eco-Hydrology in 2015 from California State University Chico. Currently Carli is in the process of obtaining her masters from University of California Davis in Hydro-chemistry with interests in water quality as it pertains to rivers and lake ecosystems. more here