No on Prop 90, yes on Proposition 84 — don't forget to vote on Tuesday November 7

The Sierra Fund joins hundreds of business leaders, local governments, conservation groups, and public safety and labor leaders urging Californians go to the polls on Tuesday, November 7 and vote:

YES on Proposition 84, the Clean Water, Parks and Coastal Protection Bond which will provide $5.4 billion for important conservation investments, including $54 million for the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, $36 milllion for the Tahoe Conservancy, $1 billion for integrated water management planning, $450 million for wildlife and habitat protection, and more.

NO on Proposition 90, the the so-called “Protect Our Homes” Act. The measure deals with eminent domain but it also contains a poison pill which prevents communities from passing the most basic laws to plan for how and where our communities grow. If our cities or counties pass laws to preserve farmland or control growth, we could be forced to make huge payouts to developers. Or, if we can’t afford the payouts, these laws simply won’t be enacted.