Patrick Wright Named Executive Officer of California Tahoe Conservancy

Sacramento, CA —

Secretary for Resources Mike Chrisman recently announced that Patrick Wright has been named executive officer for the California Tahoe Conservancy. Wright currently serves as Assistant Secretary for Program Development at the Resources Agency. He will assume his new executive officer duties full time in January 2006.

“As an experienced environmental resource manager, Patrick is a great choice for this position,” said Secretary Chrisman. “He understands complex human and environmental relationships and will find ways to manage them in an effective fashion. We have great expectations that Patrick will continue to uphold the wonderful tradition that has been established.”

The Tahoe Conservancy was established in 1984 to develop and implement programs to improve water quality in Lake Tahoe, preserve wildlife habitat, and manage and restore lands to protect the natural environment. The first executive officer, Dennis Machida, led the conservancy from its inception until his passing in March 2005. Wright becomes only the second person in 21 years to lead the conservancy.

“It's an honor to follow in Dennis Machida's footsteps,” said Wright. “I hope to build upon his great legacy in protecting this national treasure.”

Prior to his appointment at Resources, Wright served as the first director of the California Bay-Delta Authority, where he was responsible for overseeing the implementation of the largest and most comprehensive water management and ecosystem restoration effort in the nation. Wright has also served as Resources Agency Deputy Secretary and a senior policy advisor to the regional administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and to the deputy secretary of the Department of the Interior.

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