Our strategic plan builds upon two overarching programs:

Program I: Restoring Ecosystem Resiliency & Environmentally Healthy Communities in the Sierra Nevada

Our region is blessed with extraordinarily diverse ecosystems and the diversity and function of these ecosystems is crucial to restoring ecosystem resiliency and environmentally healthy communities. Many conservation organizations view our region as a “big park” but in fact our beautiful mountains and valleys are home to nearly one million human beings. We believe that in order to restore the diversity and function of the natural resources we must also serve the needs of the people who live and work in the area.

We pursue this program through two primary objectives:

A. Ecosystem Resiliency:
To assess and restore ecosystems of the forests, meadows, and rivers impacted by the Gold Rush through projects that demonstrate multiple benefits such as improving water quality, water storage and ecosystem resiliency in the region, especially in light of predicted climate change impacts on the Sierra Nevada.

B. Environmentally Healthy Communities:
To improve overall community health by preventing public exposure to legacy mining contaminants and to engage under-represented and disadvantaged community members in projects that improve their access to clean water and safe fish consumption choices.

Program II: Building Community Resiliency in the Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada’s rich resources and history have inspired the passionate commitment of people dedicated to protecting the region’s natural splendor and to repairing the damages caused by the last two hundred years of ruthless natural resource extraction. Though sparsely populated by year-round residents, the region’s beauty attracts millions of visitors who share an intense devotion to the range of light. Tapping into the passion this beauty inspires is key for protecting and restoring the Sierra Nevada and helping the people who live there.

TSF’s program to build resilient communities in the region leverages widespread emotional investment in the region to create new resources and new capacity for organizations and agencies working hard to improve the resiliency of our region. We pursue this program through two primary objectives:

A. Capacity Building and Funding:
To increase and organize public and private investment to protect and restore the natural resources and communities of the Sierra Nevada by advocating directly for funding, and by building the visibility of the region while  coordinating effective collaboration among stakeholders in the region.

B. Sierra Investment Services:
To provide philanthropic services in the region.