Capacity Building and Funding

The objective of this program is to increase and organize public and private funding to protect and restore the natural resources and communities of the Sierra Nevada by advocating directly for investment and by building the visibility of the region while coordinating effective collaboration among stakeholders in the region.

This element of our program focuses on two tactics: outreach and advocacy to build support for investment in our region and scaffolding for collaborative activities by providing effective and reliable project management  capacity to various organizations and agencies.

TSF has built a reputation for creative and timely policy development and TSF has provided input to governmental agency grant guidelines development, stimulated new prioritization of effort by regulatory or land management agencies, and crafted policy concepts and publicized their importance. We will continue to broadcast the financial and capacity needs of the Sierra Nevada, both within the region and at a statewide level, and identify  opportunities to promote a policy environment which favors better investment and regulation for the benefit of our region.

TSF’s conscientious project management capacity has led a variety of organizations to seek our support in implementing complex, multi-partner projects that bring multiple benefits to our region, including improved water quality and integrated regional planning. In addition, we provide a fiscal home to a number of small non-profit organizations.

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Our Vision for Increasing Investment & Capacity in the Sierra Nevada – building a strong philanthropic services presence in the region, led by people who live and work here in the Sierra Nevada.

Why do we need investment in the Sierra Nevada? – increasing private and public investment in our natural resources and communities improves headwater resiliency, to benefit all of California.