Need for Sierra Investment

The Sierra Nevada and Cascade Ranges are one of California’s last great reservoirs for clean water, blue oak woodlands, working ranches, wilderness and recreation.  This 400-mile-long mountain range, covering 31% of the state, is source for more than 65 percent of California’s drinking water. Protecting these natural resources is an important investment in California’s future.

Despite the quantity of resources it provides to the state, the Sierra receives less than 10% of natural resources funding.

The Sierra Fund, in coalition with regional and statewide partners, works to draw attention to the special needs of the region and its importance to the entire state, to increase private and public investment in our natural resources and communities to improve headwater resiliency, to benefit all of California.

Ways we work to increase investment in the Sierra include:

  • Capacity building for Sierra organizations and projects
  • Advocacy for bond funding and other public funding to be directed to the region
  • Strategic campaigns that increase awareness of the region’s unique needs
  • Tours for state and regional leaders
  • Support for the Sierra Nevada Conservancy