Environmentally Healthy Communities

The objective of this program is to improve overall environmental community health by reducing public exposure to legacy mining contaminants and engaging under-represented and disadvantaged community members in  projects to improve their access to clean water and safe fish consumption choices.

In order to build environmentally healthy communities throughout California, TSF needs to continue to lead the statewide dialogue about the need to finally assess and address the lasting legacy of the Gold Rush and to protect the health of residents of our state.

TSF has researched, assessed and described two primary pathways of public exposure to mining toxins: either from dusty activities such as working on or riding dirt bikes on legacy mine tailings, or by consuming wild caught fish. The impacts of these exposures are disproportionately borne by disadvantaged community members that rely on wild caught fish to supplement their diet. We believe that it is critical to educate residents and visitors to the region about ways that they can prevent exposure.

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