Sierra Investment Services

The objective of this program is to stimulate philanthropic investment among stakeholders in the region. Much of the philanthropic giving to the Sierra Nevada comes from foundations and wealthy individuals who do not live or work in the region. The support that is generated from these sources is important and welcome, however, the region itself has only a handful of place-based foundations providing philanthropic services.

Our Sierra Investment Services program provides management assistance to donors wishing to play a philanthropic role in the Sierra as a whole. A small, but important, piece of our Sierra Investment Services Program is our donor advised and grant management program. TSF has the honor of managing several Donor Advised Funds, ensuring that gifts are being held at the donors’ discretion in investment instruments that help build their fund over time. TSF makes grants to non-profit organizations at the direction of donor advisors.

As our reputation for careful management and smart strategic planning grows, we hope to continue to attract new investors. We are interested in attracting funds from companies that have a connection to the Sierra Nevada, either through their name or their location, and will pursue relationships with these donors as they are identified.

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