Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership

The Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership (BHCP) is a coalition of organizations working toward the permanent protection of the Bodie Hills, an American treasure with exceptional scenic, historic and recreational values. The Sierra Fund served as the fiscal sponsor of the Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership until 2019.

The Bodie Hills are located on the edge of California’s Eastern Sierra and the Great Basin. Bodie State Historic Park, home to California’s official ghost town and one of the most popular state parks, lies in the center of the Bodie Hills. Visitors who venture beyond the state park enjoy hiking, biking, camping, botanizing, bird watching, hunting and motor touring through aspen-tinged valleys and across high plateaus with vistas of the Sierra Nevada, Mono Lake and the Great Basin. The Bodie Hills are home to pronghorn antelope, sage grouse and mule deer, and contain one of the highest concentrations of archaeological resources in the Great Basin.

Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership is working to create a healthy, sustainable future for the Bodie Hills that combines conservation and access, honors tradition and promotes the region’s scenic beauty.

For more information, visit the Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership website.

Photo credit: John Dittli,