Grass Valley Brownfields Outreach

20150225_181833The City of Grass Valley was selected by the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) in 2017 for a nearly $600,000 Brownfields Assessment Coalition Grant to investigate properties impacted by historic mining activity for the presence of contamination, and to prepare clean up plans for sites where contamination is identified. This is the fourth Brownfields Assessment Grant received by the City since 2009.

The Sierra Fund is assisting the City with community outreach activities for the Brownfields program, including enhancing public awareness and understanding of Brownfields funding and projects through outreach materials, media and convening public meetings.

Most recently, TSF organized the first in a series of public meetings under the 2017 Brownfields Assessment Grant. The meeting was held in June 2018 and focused on what has been accomplished by previous Brownfields grants awarded to Grass Valley, and how the City is leveraging those outcomes toward the goals of the current grant.

For more information about the June 2018 meeting, visit: https://sierrafund.org/gvbrownfields-2018-public-meeting/.

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About the Program

The US EPA first selected the City of Grass Valley for a Brownfields Assessment Grant in 2009. During the three year grant period, the City successfully provided several assessments to property owners at no cost, enabling sites to be cleared for redevelopment.

The City of Grass Valley was then awarded two consecutive US EPA Brownfields Assessment Grants in 2012 and 2013. The 2012 site-specific grant was aimed at conducting an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) of the Village at South Auburn, an 11-acre parcel adjacent to historic mining property and containing hazardous substances from historic mining and dumping activities. The grant was also used to prepare a draft cleanup plan for the site and conduct community outreach.

The 2013 community-wide grant provided funds to conduct additional ESAs at nonresidential properties within the targeted reinvestment areas of Grass Valley. Grant funds were used to compile and rank an inventory of sites, conduct property assessments, develop cleanup strategies for impacted properties and conduct community outreach.

A public meeting on the 2012 and 2013 Brownfields Assessment Grants was held in February, 2015 with the goal of informing the community about the City’s Brownfields program and encouraging nonresidential property owners in Grass Valley to participate.

Click here to view the Power Point slides from the 2015 event

More Information

For the US EPA fact sheets on the 2009, 2012, 2013 and 2017 Brownfields Assessment Grants, click here.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

For a list of acronyms related to the program, click here.

For more information or to receive updates, go to the City of Grass Valley’s Brownfields project website at: http://cityofgrassvalley.com/whats-new/epa-brownfield-update.