Community Meetings

The Sierra Fund’s outreach strategy for 2013-14 includes an informational community meeting in rural Sierra communities that are facing the ongoing impacts of legacy mining.  The goals of these meetings are to inform and involve local residents about the threat posed by abandoned mines and methods to protect themselves and their families from further exposure.

Three public events have been held to date, in Nevada City, Foresthill and Quincy.  The presentation at each meeting was tailored to the the history and relevant sites near that community.


Each meeting also included a general presentation by our Science Director Dr. Carrie Monohan of The Sierra Fund’s original research about exposure pathways to legacy mining toxins including mercury in fish, and arsenic, lead and other heavy metals found around historic mine sites.  This research consists of two studies:

Additionally, guest presenters were featured, who provided more in-depth information about pertinent mine sites near the community, or about medical studies.  Guest presenters have included mercury researchers at the US Geological Survey, abandoned mine lands specialists at the US Forest Service, and tribal health experts from the California Indian Environmental Alliance.

Meetings Held

Click the links below for details about each meeting, including links to the materials presented:

The Sierra Fund is pleased to share the expertise and resources we have collected around this issue, however we have a policy to not host a public meeting in a community without being invited in by a local organization or agency.  If you are interested in scheduling a presentation, please contact Amber Taxiera at 530-265-8454 ext. 216.

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