Take Action to Protect AmeriCorps Funding

Federal funding for the Corporation for National and Community Service, the federal agency that sponsors service programs including AmeriCorps, is once again on the chopping block under the President’s proposed 2019 budget.

Tell Congress to expand, not eliminate, AmeriCorps funding.

The AmeriCorps program is of great significance to the Sierra. Each year, the Sierra Nevada Alliance places nearly 30 intelligent, driven AmeriCorps members at conservation organizations across the Sierra through the Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership (SNAP).

For 11 months, these service members restore watersheds, conduct education and outreach and involve community members in volunteer projects that protect and restore the Sierra Nevada. The SNAP program has a massive and quantifiable impact on the region. Since 2007, SNAP members have:

  • Restored more than 13,000 watershed acres
  • Monitored more than 2,000 sites
  • Educated more than 165,000 individuals
  • Recruited more than 33,000 volunteers, and
  • Contributed more than 475,000 hours of service

The Sierra Fund (TSF) served as a partner organization and hosted SNAP members from 2013-2016. Two of our current full time staff came to TSF through the SNAP program. This program builds the next generation of Sierra stewards. Don’t let it be eliminated.

Write Congress today.