Registration Closed – Reception Celebrating 20 Years of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy

April 16, 2024, 5-7 pm

Citizen Hotel
Plaza Park Ballroom
926 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814

Together The Sierra Fund, Sierra Nevada Alliance, and Sierra Business Council are hosting a special reception to recognize the efforts and dedication of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy in improving the environmental, economic, and social well-being of California’s Sierra region for the past 20 years. We are pleased to announce that Senator John Laird will be our master of ceremonies.


Attending the reception as an elected official or other reportable person will require reporting this activity expense. When you arrive at the event, please indicate if you would like to receive a letter with the value of the ‘gift’ and this will be emailed to you from The Sierra Fund within two weeks following the reception.

About our honoree – the Sierra Nevada Conservancy

The Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) is a state agency that leads efforts to restore and enhance the extraordinary natural resources and communities of California’s Sierra-Cascade region while protecting them from wildfire and a changing climate. SNC serves California’s 27-million-acre Sierra-Cascade region, which includes the mountains and foothills of the Sierra Nevada range, the Mono Basin, Owens Valley, the Modoc Plateau, and parts of the southern Cascade Range and Klamath Mountains. The region is vital to California’s water supply, biodiversity, and climate resilience.

Since 2004, SNC has successfully delivered over $200 million in state funding to 150-plus partners to conduct work restoring and supporting healthy watersheds and resilient communities throughout the region.