Save The Date: Post It Day 2019

Save the date! On Saturday April 13, The Sierra Fund will host our ever-popular annual Post It Day, beginning at 9 AM. 2019 marks the fifth year TSF has brought together volunteers to post state-issued fish consumption advisories at local water bodies in order to provide anglers and their families with information about how much and what kinds of fish are safe to eat from the lakes, reservoirs, streams, and rivers of the Sierra Nevada.

Post It Day 2018 volunteers and special guests.

Due to a history of gold mining in our region, a number of Sierra Nevada watersheds are impacted with mercury, which can be incorporated into the food web, making certain species of fish unsafe for all population groups to consume in unrestricted quantities.

Fish consumption advisories are created by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) as part of a public health initiative to mitigate the effects of mercury by increasing public access to healthy eating guidelines for locally caught fish. By posting fish consumption advisories at popular fishing locations, The Sierra Fund aims to increase the likelihood that anglers and the public will see the guidelines and use the information to inform their fish consumption habits. The Post It Day event is timed to coincide with the opening of trout season in the Sierra, leveraging the excitement among fisherman to get out on the water and providing the tools needed to make low-mercury choices from the get-go!

New This Year

Over the past four years, The Sierra Fund has posted nearly 100 advisories at over twenty lakes and reservoirs in five watersheds of the Sierra Nevada. Expanding upon this work, TSF’s 2019 event focus will be on posting newly issued OEHHA advisories for the first time ever at key locations on the North, Middle, and South Yuba River, Deer Creek and the Bear River. By broadening our scope beyond lakes and reservoirs to rivers and streams, The Sierra Fund hopes to provide consistent access to healthy eating guidelines for fish at waterbodies region-wide.

Know Your Watershed Month!

We are holding Post It Day 2019 in conjunction with Know Your Watershed, a month-long collaborative celebration aimed at raising public awareness about our regional watersheds and what conservation organizations are doing to protect water resources.

For more details about how to participate in a Post It Day, please contact Greg Thrush, (530) 265-8454 x212,