Sierra Conservancy Board approves process for choosing a community for their founding headquarters

Sacramento, CA — Searching for the Sierra Conservancy Headquarters

At the December 2, 2005 meeting of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, Board members approved a process for choosing which community will be used for the founding hedquarters. They will accept “bids” from communities with specific office space, with their proposals addressing certain minimum requirements and preferences, have a subcommittee sort through the bids, with the Board making the final selection.

The Board has asked that the office be located no more than two hours travel time from Sacramento, with year-round access to the office. They specify that only the twelve centrally located counties will be considered for the headquarters. Other requirements include access to high speed internet, convenient access for employees to schools, affordable housing and public transit. They also are interested in opportunities for the Conservancy to significantly contribute to the economy of the community where they are situated.

On December 9 the Department of General Services issued a specific Request for Proposals, posted on the Sierra Conservancy website. Proposals were due by January 9, 2005.