Sierra Conservancy budget, Sierra Cascade Grant Program budgets passed by Senate Budget Sub Committee on Natural Resources and the Environment.

Sacramento, CA —

On Monday the Senate Budget Sub Committee on Natural Resources and the Environment approved the Governors budget requests for both the Sierra Nevada Conservancy and the Sierra Cascade Grant Program. The Sub Committee, chaired by Senator Sheila Kuehl, had left these budget items open pending certain reports.

The Committee voted unanimously to approve an annual budget for the Sierra Nevada Conservancy in 2006/2007 of $3.7 million. This includes “one-time” money to set up the new office in Auburn with equipment and supplies.

They also approved appropriating the last $11.65 million remaining in the Proposition 50 funds to the Sierra Cascade Grant Program. This item was held “open” until grant criteria and program for the first $15.65 million (appropriated in 2004/05 and 2005/06 budgets but never granted out) were finalized.

With this action, these two budget items are passed onto the full Budget Committee for approval. The Senate version of these two budget items is identical to the items as adopted by the Assembly. This means these items will not be part of the “Budget Conference Committee” discussions.

Once the Senate and Assembly adopt the budget, it will move on to the Governor to sign. California's constitution requires that the budget be adopted and signed by June 30, 2006, a deadline that is rarely met.