Sierra License Bill Gains Steam, Passes Final Assembly Committee

Sacramento — The Assembly Appropriations Committee continued the historic collaborative efforts to invest in the Sierra Nevada, supporting Assembly Bill 84 to create a Sierra Nevada License Plate on a 17 – 1 vote.

It was the final committee vote in the Assembly and the bill is expected to be heard on the floor within two weeks. After it's expected passage, the bill will be considered by the State Senate.

Assembly Bill 84 will allow the state to design and distribute new “vanity” plates in honor of the Sierra Nevada. The annual registration fee will be directed to the Sierra Nevada Conservancy for environmental restoration in the region. The plate could create up to $2 million annually for the region.

The bill is authored by Assemblyman Tim Leslie (R-Tahoe City) and co-authored by Assemblyman John Laird (D-Santa Cruz), the successful legislative duo who co-authored 2004's historic Sierra Conservancy legislation.

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