Sierra Nevada Conservancy Announces Grant-Making Schedule

Sierra Nevada Conservancy Announces Grant-Making Schedule

The Sierra Nevada Conservancy budget for 2007/08 includes $17.5 million for grants in the region, approved by the voters as part of Proposition 84 last fall. The Conservancy has recently published their grant-making strategy, and their grant guidelines.

The Conservancy will be awarding two kinds of grants:

● Strategic Opportunity Grants (SOG): These are grants that may be funded through a number of possible sources to help recipients respond to time sensitive opportunities for initial project planning and development, environmental review, appraisal services, or project implementation. They may also be used to build capacity and develop grant administration skills for small organizations throughout the Region.

Applications for Strategic Opportunity Grants may be accepted at any time during the year. Following review by staff, grants may be authorized by the Board at any noticed Board Meeting (or by the Executive Officer for grants under $50,000 as delegated by the Board).

Specific Grant Guidelines and Application Instructions for Competitive and Strategic Opportunity Grants will be available to review and download from the Conservancy’s Web site at

The Conservancy has announced that for SOGs, initial consultation may begin immediately. It is anticipated that project applications could be received as early as August 6, 2007. Some SOG grant awards under $50,000 could be made by Executive Officer at any time after August 6, 2007.

SOGs proposals seeking more than $50,000 will be solicited in September with earliest authorization of grants at the December 2007 Board meeting.

● Competitive Grants: These grants are awarded on a set annual cycle with a financial review and evaluation process. Specific guidelines will be developed defining the types of activities that are eligible for project funding. Competitive Grant proposals will be solicited in September, with earliest authorization of grants expected at the March 2008 Board meeting.

The SNC will hold a series of workshops in August of 2007 in order to discuss the application and review process to be used for acquisitions and site improvement projects.