Sierra Nevada Conservancy License Plate Update & Pre-registration

The response to the Sierra Nevada license plate has been impressive. More than 1,100 folks have already pre-registered, putting us on our way to the goal of 7,500. When officially released, this Sierra License plate could generate more than $2,000,000 a year for land and water conservation in the Sierra Nevada.

The bipartisan legislation that will create the Sierra Nevada License Plate is moving its way through the legislative process. After historic support from both Republicans and Democrats in the California State Assembly, we are expecting similar bipartisanship when the bill reaches the State Senate floor, expected in early 2006.

Once the legislation is signed by the Governor, Sierra Nevada Conservancy will be eligible to work with the Department of Motor Vehicles approve a plate design and make it available to those who have pre-registered. After you officially register for the plate by paying a $50 registration fee, you will receive your new license plate in the mail.

If you have already pre-registered for the Sierra Nevada License Plate, Thank you.

If you would like to reserve your Sierra Nevada license plate, follow the link below.

Other ways to help us reach the goal of 7,500 pre-registrants:

1. Forward the registration link to 5 of your friends.

2. Preregister your primary vehicle, plus your business vehicles, or your second car, motorcycle or recreational vehicle. Remember, pre-registration for the Sierra Nevada license plate is free.

3. Consider contributing to the effort to create a Sierra Nevada license plate by making a tax deductible contribution at You will join hundreds of others from around the state – as well as the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, KVMR Radio, Sierra Heritage magazine, the Sierra Nevada Alliance and the SYRCL Riverteachers.

Thank you for your help and commitment to saving the Sierra.

To pre-register for your license plate visit:

For more information visit: