Sierra Day in the Capitol scheduled for April 14, 2010

SACRAMENTO, 10 March 2010 – Prior to the creation of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, organizations interested in the well-being of the Sierra Nevada began an annual Sierra Day in the Capitol to advocate for the region with California legislators and their staff. These efforts were led by The Sierra Fund and the Sierra Nevada Alliance and included advocating for the creation of the SNC and full funding for Sierra programs.

This year’s Sierra Day in the Capitol will be held April 14, 2010 and sponsored by a broad array of stakeholder groups. These groups include:

Sierra Nevada Conservancy
The Sierra Fund
Sierra Nevada Alliance
Sierra Business Council
Sierra Cascade Land Trust Council
CA Cattlemen’s Association
CA Forestry Association
Trust for Public Land

The focus of the day’s activities will be on educating California’s decision-makers about the importance of the Sierra Nevada Region to the state’s long-term environmental, economic and social well-being. Basic information regarding the Sierra’s contributions to water, renewable energy, carbon storage, recreation and tourism, wood products and ranching will be provided. This message will be carried to members of the legislature and their staff by teams of Sierra volunteers who represent a cross-section of stakeholders with an interest in the Region.

In addition to meetings with individual legislators and staff, there will be a display about the Sierra Nevada on the long wall outside the Governor’s office, and an evening reception at the Stanford Mansion. More details on the event will be available soon. 

To register or learn more about Sierra Day in the Capitol, contact Emily Rivenes.